Fatal Nostalgia

by Fatal Nostalgia

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The debut full length from Fatal Nostalgia. Offering a mix of delicate and ethereal ambiance, swirling post-rock, melancholic metal passages, and hints of modern classical, the album explores various emotional themes.


released August 14, 2012

Logo by Jeremiah Dube.

Manipulated painting is A Peasant Boy by Richard Westall.



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Fatal Nostalgia

Fatal Nostalgia is a post-rock, ambient, and metal project aiming to capture emotionalism, spirituality, nature, romanticism, and more.

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Track Name: Fatal Nostalgia
How he so deeply yearns his former days
The past sleeps far from reach, beyond a dead and winding tree
The thought of moving forward hurls him into introspective daze

The skyline upon winter's dusk is iridescent in nostalgic haze
Standing atop mountains buried by snow, he pleads with the moon to be set free
Oh how he so deeply yearns his former days

Ethereal being of humble elegance, by his feelings set ablaze
Clutching Polaroid photographs of his youth, within his heart melancholy is all that shall be
The thought of moving forward coerces him into despondent daze

There is no more sun to shine its evanescent, golden rays
Gloom cloaks the world as far as the eye can see
He so achingly yearns for his former days!

Victim of time, back and forth through existence he sways
Perhaps he can be reunited with his past for a fee
The thought of moving forward beckons him into a curious daze

No longer capable of living this way
He stands atop frozen water until the thin ice cracks, drowning him in the sea
Now he is returning to former days
The thought of moving backward gently submerges him into a silent, breathless daze